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Katerina Husar Lazarova


The Deeper Drive Behind Creating Art Prints

Creating art prints and the motivations behind it might appear straightforward at first. After all, selling my art is how I keep the lights on. It's undeniable that selling prints offers a faster and more consistent source of income compared to the one-time sale of an original piece. However, my motivations delve deeper.

Beyond the initial sale of the original, artists retain the right to reproduce their work, allowing for continued appreciation of the art. The original artwork, captivating as it may be, can only embellish one location at a time. In stark contrast, prints enable me to share my art with a broader audience and allow more people to revel in its beauty.

Furthermore, the versatility of prints is a compelling advantage. The ability to offer various sizes, from eye-catching posters to smaller, more accessible pieces, grants collectors the freedom to choose what best suits their tastes and budgets. What I also cherish is the liberation it provides in the creative process. Selling art prints is like receiving artistic royalties that allow me to invest more time in my emerging works by not feeling pressured to churn out many original pieces for sale. This freedom to dedicate the necessary time and energy to each creation results in a higher quality of art.

In conclusion, creating art prints goes far beyond financial pragmatism. It embodies an artistic journey where royalties and art appreciation intertwine, where art finds its way to a broader audience, and where creative freedom flourishes. It's a harmonious blend of commerce and artistry, a beautiful synergy that enriches both artists and art lovers alike.


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