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Katerina Husar Lazarova


Let's start!

I was thinking about what should be my first post. Usually, when I start a new project or painting, I clean up space and organize my tools.

It was the same in May when I finished school and started painting again. So, I sorted my acrylic colors and found out that I use only a small part of what I actually had. I also added one box where I stored new metallic shades, which I fell in love with. When the colors are in the tubes, it is sometimes difficult to use the full range available, so I created a sampler of all my colors.

The time spent in this activity was relaxing, fun, and definitely worth it.

Now, when I mix colors on canvas, I always have these samplers handy, and I know exactly what colors I can and want to use. I had no idea how a color sampler can free up the process of applying colors.

Also, the next time I go to a store, I will take the sampler with me. It won't happen to me again that I buy a color that I already have!

I printed a template with marked circles for color on thick paper. The middle black dot is vital because, thanks to it, I can find out how much the paint is opaque. This helps me to imagine how much the colors will overlap with each other when they are layered.

Here, you can download a template if you also want to have a better overview of your available colors.

Download PDF • 10KB


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