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"Carnival 2" is a mesmerizing creation that echoes the innovative fusion of laser cutting and artistic vision. Emerging from the final quarter at UCSD, this three-dimensional sculpture mirrors the intricate craftsmanship of its predecessor, "Carnival." Crafted from plywood using a laser-cutting machine, the journey begins with intricate sketches transformed into digital marvels via Inkscape. Vibrant acrylic colors breathe life into the wood, preserved by an acrylic medium that accentuates its natural allure. Assembled meticulously with wood glue and equipped with hangers for display, "Carnival 2" blurs the boundaries between painting and sculpture, embodying a captivating new art form where creativity knows no bounds.


Acrylic painting on laser-cutting plywood.

Size 24″x 25″ 


Carnival 2

Excluding Sales Tax
  • San Diego, Liberty Station

    2730 Historic Decatur Rd, Barracks 16, second floor

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