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"Carnival 1" is a captivating art piece born from a fusion of laser cutting and painterly ingenuity. This three-dimensional sculpture delves into the depths of imagination, sculpted intricately from plywood using the wizardry of a laser cutter. The journey begins with pencil sketches evolving into digital forms via Inkscape, bridging the gap between vision and reality. As the laser delicately carves through the wood, leaving a smooth, charred edge, the art gains unforeseen depth and dimension. Infusing acrylic colors while preserving the wood's natural allure, each piece is meticulously assembled with wood glue, culminating in a seamless, mesmerizing masterpiece. "Carnival 1" blurs the boundaries between painting and sculpture, embodying a new art form where creativity transcends definitions.


Acrylic colors on laser-cutting plywood.

Size: 28"x27"

Carnival 1

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  • San Diego, Liberty Station

    2730 Historic Decatur Rd, Barracks 16, second floor

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