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Katerina Husar Lazarova


Title Alchemy: Wisdom of a Rabbit

In the quiet sanctuary of my studio, where creativity whispered softly in the air, I found myself drawn to a particular art piece. It was the second time the image of a rabbit had reappeared in my artwork. The first, a painting titled "You Can't Run Forever," had cast the rabbit as a symbol for bravery and as a support to face the given circumstances and not to run away from them.

But it was the second painting, a piece I had simply named "Rabbit," that held my gaze on this day. With time to spare, I settled into a chair, allowing my eyes to wander over the painting. In this meditative state, the presence of the rabbit seemed to unfold a tapestry of meanings in my mind.

My thoughts first drifted to the concept of the "Easter Bunny," a symbol of rebirth, fertility, and new life. Then there is the rabbit's place in the Chinese horoscope and a whole system of meanings that describes a person born during the years associated with this sign. I must admit that characteristics like quietness, gentleness, elegance, speed, and kindness resonate with my personal perception of these creatures.

Interestingly, 2023 is considered the Year of the Rabbit, embracing the spirit of creativity and an appreciation for the arts. There is also a connection with peace. This might seem odd, given everything is happening this year. But maybe, to achieve lasting peace, one must first confront and resolve the conflicts that linger beneath the surface, just like when you take everything out of a messy closet before organizing it. At least we can hope for that.

As I continued to gaze at the painting, the rabbit's posture radiated courage and determination. Its single blue eye exuded a wisdom that felt almost divine, watching over and protecting everything around. The dominant green hue, reminiscent of the rabbit's natural habitat in the meadows and forests, has a calming and protective aura. The hints of metallic copper drew my thoughts to the symbolism associated with natural resources as a manifestation of abundance, both in the material world and the realm of the spirit.

In the end, as I reflected on the impact of this painting on my soul, I realized it was much more than a simple depiction of a rabbit. It breathed life into my inner world and made me embrace a new perspective. Thus, a new name was born for this work of art: "Strengthening Your Faith."


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