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Katerina Husar Lazarova


The Origins of My Artistic Journey

I was scribbling away in my artistic Bio for an art class when the professor dropped a bombshell: "Avoid the cliché 'I've been painting since childhood.'" I couldn't help but smirk because, in my case, it happened to be true.

I understand that every child dabbles in drawing. Still, crayons and a drawing board had been my companions since I was just one year old, and I have my younger sister to thank for it.

When I was one year old, and it was time to run off into the world on my own two feet, my parents decided to get me a sibling. She, who wasn't even born yet, arranged that I wouldn't go out into the world without her presence. My mom faced a high-risk pregnancy, and the doctor ordered her to stay in bed. Now, what's a one-year-old, freshly acquainted with the miracle of legs, to do in such circumstances?

Well, instead of exploring the great unknown outdoors, my mum offered a new world of discovering how to master using my tiny hands.

I swapped my adventures for a box of crayons and a drawing board. Those colorful sticks of wax became my constant companions. But as any child would, I got tired of them, too. So, it was back to exploring the world, be it the mysterious abyss under the bed or the fascinating treasures hidden in kitchen cupboards.

That's when the power of books came into play. My mom, bedridden and waiting for my yet-to-be-born sister, became my storytelling partner. We delved into fairy tales, with their enchanting characters and captivating worlds, right there in her room. It was our secret realm where my budding imagination thrived. These stories kept me company until my dad returned home from work, sweeping me away on short but exciting expeditions around our home.

The day my sister finally entered the world, I could finally venture outdoors, stroller in tow, and enjoy those long-awaited walks. But my love for books and my passion for creative pursuits never left my side. They shaped my destiny, steering me toward a path in graphic design, leading me to explore art therapy, and pushing me to embrace the world of painting. It was the driving force that sustained me during my studies at UCSD, a reminder that the love for art and storytelling was the compass guiding my journey.

So, you see, it all started with those innocent crayons, the love for storytelling, and the presence of a little sister who changed the course of my life in more ways than one.


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