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Katerina Husar Lazarova


My Purrfect Art Boss Daisy

Being an artist can be challenging, especially when it comes to staying disciplined. Without a boss, there's no one to assign tasks or enforce deadlines. Fortunately, I have a boss. Her name is Daisy, but she's not an ordinary boss. She is a cat and runs my art studio with an iron paw.

Every morning, Daisy wakes me up at seven o'clock sharp. She hops onto my bed, gently taps my face with her soft paw, and purrs in my ear. It's her way of telling me, "Time to get to work." If, by any chance, I try to ignore her and sleep in, she comes to fetch me with insistent meows, making it clear that we need to begin immediately.

But that's just the beginning of my daily routine under Daisy's rule. At half past seven, she's already waiting for me in the room of our house that has been transformed into my studio. When I'm late, she comes to pick me up with meows, insisting that it's necessary to start immediately.

She is a master of supervision and takes her role as the quality controller very seriously. Nothing leaves the studio without her approval. She inspects my works with a keen eye, often giving her nod of approval with a regal flick of her tail as if to say, "Good job, human."

However, Daisy's influence doesn't stop with mere supervision. She's an artistic collaborator, too. She helps me choose the right colors and materials as if she can sense what will work best. Her impeccable taste is a valuable asset to my work. I trust her judgment as much as any human art director.

Sometimes, she even becomes a model for my artwork. Her graceful poses and expressive eyes make her the perfect subject for my drawings. She seems to understand the importance of sitting still for hours as I work, and she does it with an air of dignity that only a feline can muster.

Despite all her invaluable contributions, Daisy only asks for her daily compensation in the form of food and a handful of treats. It's a remarkably humble request from such a remarkable boss. Daisy takes a break in a cozy studio spot when her managerial tasks get overwhelming. From there, she keeps a watchful eye on her "employees" (in this case, me), ensuring her artistic domain stays under her careful watch.

In the end, I couldn't ask for a better boss. Daisy may not be a typical manager, but she's an indispensable part of my artistic life. My work has flourished with her guidance and artistic insights, and I've become a more disciplined and creative artist. With my furry, four-legged boss by my side, I've found the perfect balance between artistic freedom and the structure I need to excel in my craft.


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