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Katerina Husar Lazarova


A Journey of Growth and Creativity

I recently had the pleasure of sharing my story with, where I delved into the pivotal role that risk-taking has played in shaping my artistic journey and the vibrant city of San Diego that continues to inspire my work. Get a glimpse of what's inside the article.

A Leap of Faith

As an artist, risk-taking has been more than just a concept; it's been a courageous step toward growth and self-discovery. I vividly remember the moment I decided to leave behind my stable career as a graphic designer in the Czech Republic to pursue my passion for art and teaching. It was a leap of faith that led me to establish myself as a private painting and drawing teacher, empowering my students and nurturing their creative spirits.

But life had more adventures in store for me. When my husband's job offered us a new journey in the US, I faced the daunting challenge of starting anew in a foreign land with minimal English skills. The uncertainties were apparent, but so was my determination to adapt and grow. I immersed myself in English classes and pursued higher education at Mesa College and UCSD, each step a testament to my commitment to embracing change and pushing boundaries.

The Artistic Evolution

During my studies, I embarked on an artistic exploration fueled by risk-taking. Inspired by automatic drawing, a process that allows for spontaneous and subconscious expression, I delved into a realm of intuition, vibrant colours, and intricate details. This experimental phase became a canvas for me to explore themes of identity, belonging, and the human psyche, each stroke reflecting my innermost thoughts and emotions.

San Diego: A Tapestry of Inspiration

Living in San Diego has been a constant wellspring of inspiration for my art. The city's diverse art scene, from the vibrant studios of Liberty Station to the cultural richness of Balboa Park, has shaped my artistic vision and fueled my creativity. I love introducing visitors to the city's hidden gems, from the historic Gaslamp Quarter to the cinematic allure of the Coronado Hotel, where "Some Like It Hot" added a touch of glamour to my explorations.

A Tribute to Support

I would be remiss not to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Liberty Station Arts District, a nurturing space that has supported artists like me in our creative endeavours. And, of course, a special shoutout to my feline companion, Daisy, whose presence and silent encouragement have been a constant source of joy and inspiration in my artistic journey.

My journey as an artist has been a tapestry woven with threads of risk, resilience, and relentless creativity. I continue to embrace the unknown, knowing that each step into uncertainty is a step towards growth and self-discovery. San Diego, with its vibrant energy and artistic soul, remains an ever-present muse, fueling my passion and pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

You can read the full article and dive deeper into my experiences by visiting this link.


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