Katerina was born in 1981 in Brno, a beautiful medium-sized city in the Czech Republic.

She studied graphic design there and then she worked for several years in a graphic studio. During her employment at the graphic studio she completed an evening school of art led by Mr. Fridrich at the Masaryk University. There she obtained essential figural and portrait drawing skills and learnt fundamentals of painting. She attended additional private lessons of oil painting and other courses as well.

She opened her own atelier in 2015 where, with great success, she taught techniques of drawing and painting. 

Her first individual exhibition was in 2015 in Astoria Café located in the AZ Tower which is the tallest building of the Czech Republic. Since then she had a couple of additional individual and group shows.

In 2016 she successfully completed a 2-year study programme Expressive Therapy with specialization in Art Therapy at the Faculty of Education of the Masaryk University.

In 2017 she moved to San Diego where she now lives and creates new artworks.

After changing her place of residence her paintings changed as well. From the previous stylized pictures, she started to focus more on ink drawings that she moved from paper onto canvas.

The background of these paintings is made with acrylics and is a play of colors that try to capture the essence or feeling of the object in the foreground. The central motive is captured using ink in simple lines creating a realistic image of the object.

The objects displayed on her paintings are varied, they depend on her current sensations and emotional moods. They can be recordings of places she visited, of her inner feelings, and of thoughts portrayed into symbols of animals, flowers or other diverse entities…

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